Standing correctly for correct results

In picture one, you will see the body weight is very much on the heels at setup. This makes it very easy to come away from the ball at the point of hitting the ball. A common shot would either be a pull hook to the left, or a big slice. It also means that the body weight will not be on the ball when hitting it. Causing a dramatic drop in Clubhead speed, and therefore distance. Like all sports the weight needs to be over the ball when striking a ball.

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With the correct posture below , you can see that the weight is more on the toes, the back angle and legs are much more stable a secure, and that it will be much easier to return to this position for striking. The combination of the middle strike and weight on the ball at impact will significantly increase the speed and distance of the shot.

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The photos of the data using our indoor GC2 swing studio can confirm the dramatic changes that it can make for you. SO... this means that you don't need to change your swing to dramatically improve your distance and consistency.

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How steep to hit a shot

The steepness and shallowness of a certain golf swing required for a shot is dependent on many things. Firstly it is dependent on what club you are using, then the lie that you have, and finally on the type of shot you are trying to play. If you are playing a wedge shot or a short iron shot, a perfectly struck shot will have a divot involved. This means that the attack angle required is steeper. So I would be confident in saying that Malcolm has the swing that would be one of someone with a good wedge game. Being steep will give more spin than a shallow shot, which gives you the control required. The weight at address should be 60/40 on the left side to help influence the steepness of the swing.

Once you move into the mid and long irons the required angle of attack changes. Smaller divots, more shoulder rotation of that of a wedge and much higher and longer shots required. Being shallower will allow the contact to be more consistent. The weight at setup should now be more central, maybe 55/45 of the right side. This again will help with the angle at impact.

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Once you move onto the woods things change yet again. This requires a much shallower swing than of an iron or wedge. Being shallow produces less spin, and this will allow the ball to fly longer and further in the air. The less spin the less offline the ball can curve. If you are steep, it will generate too much spin, and the ball will reach its peak height, and start to drop, rather than fly for longer. It will give you a much more inside draw swing path.

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A simple tip will be to have 60/40 weight on the right side at setup, and produce more shoulder rotation. This will give you the perfect angle at impact if done properly. A slice is very much a sign of a steep golf swing.

Added Tip of the week

When you are the rough, we want a steeper swing to get it out. Take a club with more loft, get your weight 60/40 on your left side and keep the weight there through the shot. You may not get the distance that you usually get with that club, but you will get the correct strike and get you back in play!

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